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27 April 2021 - 28 April 2021
Eskişehir, Turkey
Turkey-EU Virtual Networking Event

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Turkey-EU Virtual Networking Event

“Develop SMEs and Clusters by International Networking” Project, which is financed by European Commission under the Grant Scheme for Turkey-EU Business Dialogue (TEBD), invites you to participate in the Virtual International Networking Event to be organized on 27-28 April 2021 in cooperation with Eskisehir Chamber of Industry, Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Chamber of Commerce. This event will provide large companies, SMEs, chambers, clusters, investors, public institution and associations with a unique opportunity to establish business and technology partnerships via pre-scheduled 1-1 meetings.

Bilateral meetings are scheduled as 20-minute according to each participant's availability, interests, and goals. In order to enable participants to find suitable partners, each participant is obliged to choose at least one item from the "Marketplace Opportunities".

Registration is free of charge.

Focus points:

  • Aviation Industry

Engine parts manufacturing, structural parts, sheet metal forming, tool and jig manufacturing, precision turning, cable and wiring harness, special processes, surface treatment, assembly, integration, etc.

  • Railway Industry

Locomotive production, wagon and component manufacturing, cabin, bogie, diesel engine, brake system production, signalling solutions, power systems and cabling, accurate casting, precision machining, assembling, painting, coating, etc.

  • Automotive Supplier Industry

Manufacturing of trucks, light commercial vehicles, powertrains, engine and engine parts, shaft bodies, firefighting vehicles, rescue vehicles, car lifting jacks, vehicle door lock systems, trailer, trays, seat systems, rims, operator cabins, chassis, axle shaft, back gear shaft and automotive parts, etc.

Why to participate?

  • Extend your international business network
  • Generate cross-border contacts and contracts
  • Find new business/technology partners and customers
  • Promote your product and empower your status in the market
  • Meet new technologies
  • Get connected with your region

How can you benefit from this event?

  • Publish and showcase your products, projects, business needs to event participants
  • Initiate and arrange promising pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings at the event
  • Generate fresh leads and meet new contacts in a time and cost-efficient way
  • Stay one step ahead of your competitors


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Eskişehir, Turkey
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